The Lean Landing Page System

Lean Landing Page is for converting ideas into live working concepts. Loosely based on the Lean Startup Build-Measure-Learn system, Lean Landing Page is essentially these concepts applied to internet marketing, appropriate for anyone looking to validate and test their idea in the marketplace. You can register now for a monthly 2 hour workshops taught at the community powerhouse HackerLab in Downtown Sacramento.

Lean Landing page is especially recommended to startups because many entrepreneurs rush into the development or manufacture processes without testing demand. By using the Lean Landing Page system, you can validate your idea¬†without actually building it. This can save $10,000′s in capital or time spent in development of something nobody will end up buying at a profitable price point (or buying at all). Consider the money, time and pivots that being educated about demand could save you. We apply the Lean Startup concepts to marketing getting you better information faster. If you are considering fundraising, the data and market research provided in the process can be a great argument for potential investors or venture capitalists.

Lean Landing Page developed as a natural extension of the work done at SearcherMagnet, an internet marketing agency. The wireframes, processes, and methodology you will experience in the class is actively used at SearcherMagnet. Some techniques are designed for enterprise or late stage startups, and thus have to be considerably scaled down to fit the format of the class. However, everything you will learn is directly influenced by the collective intelligence of an internet ad agency with a wealth of experience.